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Juice Packing

Package 1:

Easer in

New beginnings. Testing the waters so to say…. You will receive 6 raw cold-pressed juices a week for 4 weeks. This is a great start to supplement your lifestyle.

24 bottles for 4 weeks $240

Package 2:

I’m diggin’ it

8 bottles a week coming at you. Now that you are kindaaaaa addicted you are ready to get in a little deeper. You’ll reap some noticeable benefits from your 8 lovely raw juices delivered in a week. The good stuff is just gettin’ going!

32 bottles for 4 weeks $305

Package 3:

I’m in

12 juices a week cause your body is cravin’ it and we are here to make your juicy dreams come true. You will experience more energy, work outs will be stronger and you’ll mentally be totally on point. Not to mention healthy beautiful skin n’ hair are some of the other benefits you will experience. YAAAAS! You want this.

48 bottles for 4 weeks $435

Package 4:

I’m sooooo in n’ ma squad.

16 juices a week.

Catching yourself preaching about the juice to friends n’ family? Feeling the need to share your love of the juice? You may have a bit of a juice addiction my friend. We got your back. This package has enough juice for you and maybe some to share with your squad.

64 bottles for 4 weeks $575

Package 5:

I’m in and so is my whole family

32 juices a week

You want the best for you n’ your family and we got you covered. This is the package for you and the whole fam will love you for it. Guaranteed till the last drop. For real. Your family is going to be glowing nothing but straight goodness with this package. Stoked. Juuuuuice for all!

128 bottles for 4 weeks $1165


You are nutz

Nut/seed mylk deal
We do almond, hazelnut, hempseed, cashew, walnut or macadamia nut mylks all on rotation unless you specify you would like a certain mylk.

Raw cacao or Vanilla with cinnamon or vanilla with cardamom.

Mylks are $11.50 each 16oz bottles.
Every 12th mylk is free.

Turmeric Tonic:
$12.50 each
Every 12th one is free

Turmeric golden (almond) mylk:
$13.50 each 16oz bottles
Every 12th bottle is free

All juices are $10.50 each when ordered outside of a subscription.
Every 12th one is free

Wellness shots are $3.50 each
Lemon, ginger, cayenne or with lime

Our menu changes daily. With over 100+ recipes- specializing in all green juices. You’ll never grow tired of green juice!!!

Interested in a specific juice? We would be more than happy to recreate your fav juice! Just holla at us at least 24 hours before to place your order.

You can pick up in the mornings (I’m near Ke’iki beach) or I can drop off to you if you are on the North Shore. Delivery soon to the whole island!