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What’s in our Bottles

KALE – higher amount of calcium for healthy bones than milk does, and more iron than beef. Vitamin K, A, C, manganese are great for a variety of bodily functions.

CELERY – antioxidant with phenolic nutrients that help protect cells against oxygen damage. Polysaccharides help aid digestion and is a diuretic. Calms nerves promotes restful sleep.

APPLE GREEN – sweet and sour in taste. Good complex carbohydrate for energy. Blood purifier. Vitamin C, B-complex and bet carotene. Has many beneficial photochemical such as D-Glutamate, and flavonoids.

LEMON – healthy glowing skin, hair and bone strength. Alkaline forming and Anti-inflammatory.

HONEYDEW – high in Vitamin C for collagen and healthy skin, hair, and nails. A good source of the trace mineral Copper.

FENNEL – ease bloating, indigestion, anti-inflammatory. Improves breath.

GINGER – reduces nausea, bloating, indigestion and heartburn. Natural antibiotic. Natural anti-inflammatory.

CUCUMBER – neutralizes acidity, silicon and sulfur promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. High in A and C vitamins, as well as foliate and potassium. Diuretic, PH balancer.

SPINACH – anti-inflammatory. Antioxidant specific to maintaining good vision, bones, blood pressure, skin, brain and nervous system. High in Vitamin K, and protein.

PARSLEY – high in Vitamin K, C and A. Good source of folic acid. Blood purified and bring elasticity to the veins, eliminates cholesterol in the veins, may help with jaundice, normalizing kidney function and strengthens teeth.

CILANTRO - great source of magnesium, iron and dietary fiber.

ARUGULA – high in Vitamin A for healthy skin and eye health. Detoxifying. High in B vitamins especially foliate, and is good for brain health.

CAYENNE – great for circulation. Headache prevention. Supports weight loss.

CARROTS – rich in vitamin A, the old adage eat your carrots and it will improve your vision is true, because it enhances blood flow to the eyes. Good for the skin.

WHEATGRASS – 2 oz. of wheatgrass is equivalent to 4 pounds of green vegetables. Have a shot!

NUT MYLKS – no cholesterol, low in sodium, low glycemic, vitamin D, E, A, B, riboflavin, iron. Increase oxygen absorption.