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kickstarter campaign

Aloha friends,

At long last… it is done!!! It took a bit to get it ready to unveil to the world, but I’m pleased to announce…My KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!!! So stoked to be taking this next step.

I know you are curious to see what I’ve put together and, I, too, am excited and invite you to check out my Kickstarter campaign video at:


The bottom line is that Well + Proper is looking for your support to help bring our $70,000 worth of commercial juicery equipment along with my front end juicery fixtures and signage from Vancouver, BC, Canada to us here on Oahu. All my tools to make the bestest juice in Hawaii!!!

The arrival of this equipment will help Well + Proper to up our game. We are looking forward to having the capacity to not only offer our juice to the North Shore but to the WHOLE island. This is an opportunity for Well + Proper to finally be able to open up wholesale accounts and have the ability to have our juices not just available via subscription, but at a several choice retailers on the island at your convenience. Not to mention to create jobs for locals.

Again, Please check out the campaign and check and some of the juicy rewards that have been set up just for YOU!

I thank you so much for your time and support.

If you have any questions about the campaign please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Well + Proper

P.S: I just wanted to also say that I know the campaign itself can be overwhelming with so many options, but wanted to let you know that I set up pledges to align with current subscription prices so if you update any of your future orders for 3 or 5 day cleanses OR one month subscriptions through my kickstarter campaign you pay the same price, get the most fabulous cold pressed juice on the island as well as all the bonus goodies, AND support me in reaching my goal!   I’ve also added a full one year subscription that you can start/stop anytime you choose that is the price of 10 months, so two months FREE – a HUGE win/win both of us!!!!